Do it NOW!

It is just so tempting to leave those few pages at the end of the chapter for tomorrow, to delay sending that email and to avoid the piling laundry, believing somehow we will manage to squeeze more in our laundry baskets! Procrastination can be very tempting and just as dangerous. “Sometimes ‘later’ becomes ‘never’. So, roll … More Do it NOW!

Sunday Book Bazaar

When I moved to Lahore, it was very baffling for me to see almost all markets closed on Sundays. Unless your stop is one of the few fancy stores that remain open, shopping trips have to be planned around the work schedule on weekdays. While there is an obvious downside to this tradition, it comes … More Sunday Book Bazaar

DIY Hanging Banner

It doesn’t always have to be a fancy quote that inspires you. A simple ‘be happy’ can add a lot of positivity to your day and remind you that happiness is the more important than anything else. So, DIY this banner and put it up somewhere you can see it everyday for your daily dose of motivation! … More DIY Hanging Banner

Wallpaper: The Only Impossible Journey Is The One You Never Begin

Forget everything for a moment and ask yourself, if your wildest dreams could come true what would your life be like? And then ask yourself what is it that is stopping you from getting what you want. So many times it is the fear of taking the first step more than the fear of the … More Wallpaper: The Only Impossible Journey Is The One You Never Begin