Wallpaper: The Only Impossible Journey Is The One You Never Begin

Forget everything for a moment and ask yourself, if your wildest dreams could come true what would your life be like? And then ask yourself what is it that is stopping you from getting what you want. So many times it is the fear of taking the first step more than the fear of the… More Wallpaper: The Only Impossible Journey Is The One You Never Begin

Tiered Jewelry Display

,Do you ever find yourself stuck in a jewelry rut, then buying more pieces thinking you have nothing wearable and ending up feeling the same a few days later? It’s strange, almost treacherous, how a single necklace is impossible to find when needed, but when it’s about consuming our precious square-footage, the storage boxes never… More Tiered Jewelry Display

Everyday Essentials You Must Never Forget

There are a few things you should never leave your house without. Sunscreen, inarguable, is the most important, but let’s talk about skincare another day. Today’s post is your fashion lowdown on everyday essentials that polish your style and let you make a model-off-duty statement. So be ready to strike some style chords and read on. Perfume… More Everyday Essentials You Must Never Forget

2-Minute Hair Updo

There are days when we have the time and energy to do a Kardashian-approved contour. And then there are days when putting on mascara becomes the most tedious labor in the world.Take my advice, it’s best not to show up like Taylor one day and a zombie straight out of Walking Dead the next. So keep… More 2-Minute Hair Updo

Baltit Fort

It is a very strong bond that a person has with his native soil. No matter where life takes you and no matter how often you get a chance to go back, that profound sense of belonging always remains there. Summer break is the best part of the year for me because it is the… More Baltit Fort