Fall Outfit: Plaid

Autumn in my hometown is a vision. Most people prefer summers and Sakura but for me, nothing beats the sound of the leaves rustling under my feet and the sight of the valley covered in all shades of red and gold. For someone like me, who waits for fall all year round, it is very weird that Lahore doesn’t have this season. Here the weather goes from very hot to very humid and then straight to very cold.


While it’s true that nothing can make up for not being in Hunza at this time of the year, I still love autumn. The best part is transitioning my wardrobe for colder days. So today I’m sharing my favorite fall outfit that is built around a classic plaid button-down.


For this look, pair a red plaid shirt with dark blue denim and black ankle boots. If it is a pair of skinny jeans or leggings tuck them into the booties. This will elongate the legline and give you a slender look. You can also roll the hem and leave just a little bit of skin bare between the cuff  and the boots. Add a nice statement necklace to the collar and a slender belt to the waist. Wear the same look in winters with the addition of a pullover sweater.

Have fun dressing up!


7 thoughts on “Fall Outfit: Plaid

  1. I love this post and that it pertains to people who are in college. This is such high quality posting I love it! Maybe u can take a look at my blog and I’d be happy to exchange likes and follow


    1. Hi! Thank you for your lovely comment and I’d love to check out your blog.
      It would actually make me happier if you like the posts that you actually enjoy. That way I get to know how well they are doing. 🙂
      Happy blogging!

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