Old Frame Makeover

So I guess we’ve known each other for long enough and it’s time for me to make a small confession. Well here goes, I’m the ‘Monica’ of my group, which means I have a very big, incurable obsession with cleaning and organizing. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Well, you really should ask my roommates about it . My idea of a good time isn’t going out to the movies or for a nice lunch, I’d rather stay home and clean whatever mess I find, and if there’s none, I’d move stuff around and try new arrangements or at the very least, make new stuff. I hope there’s someone out there who can relate to it, because all my friends find it super weird. I guess it’s my little OCD ūüėÄ
Well the good news is, it makes me try new ideas, which I can then share with you guys.
Now that you know about my¬†craving for systematizing things, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that it’s 3 am and I just re-arranged everything in our store-room (I know the name says ‘in a Dorm’ but it’s summer break and I’m home; best part of the year)
And that’s when I stumbled across this little fella.
Not very good looking is it? Yeah I think so too.
Also found this ugly place-mat lying in a corner, and I thought why would anyone buy that in the first place. But on a second look, I noticed these lovely little jars embossed on the plastic. The next moment I was standing with a plastic place-mat and frame in my hands and a huge bulb hovering over my head (and of course an even bigger smile on my face).
to be honest, it looks a lot worse in the picture and all credit goes to my great photography skills
I have a great obsession with spray paint and it’s justified. Just one coat and you have, in front of you, an amazing transformation. I think golden might have looked better, but the original brown color was so dark and dull that I just wanted to change it into a nice, spotless white altogether.
I’d suggest a primer coat first and then a coat of whatever color you need. Make sure you give each coat enough time to dry. Another very important point to bear in mind, is that you must hold the can at least 6 to 7 inches away¬†from the object you are painting. If the distance is not enough, you’d end up with drops of paint trickling down and once that happens, fixing attempts would mean a greater mess.
While the paint was getting set, I used a paper knife to cut out the jars.
I also cut out a white piece of paper for the mat.
Next, I glued the jars on a piece of paper and framed it. Those golden lines above and below the jars are just a little detail with a gold pen. These subliminal details have a greater impact, on the overall look of a project, than most of us think.
I just love the way this project has turned out to be and that, of course, means¬†I’d be digging in old stuff again tomorrow, looking for more ideas (and re-arranging everything all over again. I told you, it’s bad!)
looks like this little buddy has already made new friends
Until next time take care and don’t forget to pin it on Pinterest!
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