DVD Case


Have a bunch of DVDs lying around? Time to turn that mess into some art with this incredibly simple DIY, that takes less than fifteen minutes. I love this project because not only it’s a great way of organizing the chaos your collection can turn into, but at the same time it’s a lovely piece of artwork.

Here are the ones that I had, wrapped up in a clear bag. Eyesore right?


So let’s start with the supplies.

  • Cardboard
  • Binding rings
  • Fabric/Print
  • Paper knife
  • Glue

The whole thing started when I found this piece of cardboard lying on the floor.


Yeah you guessed it right, it’s one of those cardboard pieces they put in packed clothes. So I checked the size and it was just enough to make a cover for the disks.


I cut out two pieces, slightly larger than the disks and punched holes in them.


For the front cover, I used this small drawing that my sister made for me and I’d write about giving papers this vintage look in the next post.


As you can see, this one has holes too and I aligned them with the holes on the cardboard and hot-glued it.

For the binding rings, I’m not sure if they are sold just like that. If you know of a place that sells them, that’s great and if you don’t, then you can take them out of an old file. I went with a third and an unusual option.


Those are the rings that are used to hang curtains and they do just fine for this DIY, except for the disadvantage that once you put in your papers and close them, it can be a little difficult to open them again. Nonetheless, they were suitable for me because the contents of this case are going to be permanent.

Use a pair of pliers and cut them at the joint. (Seriously, it’s much easier than it looks)


Well now put everything together and Voilà!



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