Gold Leaf Art


You know what’s one common element in all swoon-worthy interiors? Yep, a hint of metallic gold. It can be trinkets, desk accessories, picture frames, gold and acrylic furniture and the list goes on and on. So, if you’re looking for ways to turn up the glam in your place, gold is your best friend. Try spray paint, decals, foils etc and you’d absolutely adore the results.



With that being said, here’s some chic gold leaf art to try this weekend. šŸ™‚

  • Gold leaf
  • Gold marker
  • Glue



Draw your image in pencil and trace over with a gold marker or if you’re actually good with it, skip this step and draw with the marker straight away.

Next, apply glue on areas you want to cover in gold leaf.

Take out a sheet and place it over your image. Wear rubber gloves while you’re handling the leaf because it can stick to your skin and being very delicate, it can break.

With the help of a brush lightly press over the areas that have glue under them.

Leave it for sometime and once the glue has dried, brush-off the excess. The part that was placed on glued areas will stick, while the rest of it will easily break away.

Simple as that!


That tray is actually a cardboard lid layered with gold leaf.


This is the first time I worked with foil and although it’s a little tricky to handle, the results are just tres chic. So get your supplies and try some sassy gold crafts over the weekend!


Till next time!




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