Tiered Jewelry Display

Tiered jewelry display

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a jewelry rut, then buying more pieces thinking you have nothing wearable and ending up feeling the same a few days later? It’s strange, almost treacherous, how a single necklace is impossible to find when needed, but when it’s about consuming our precious square-footage, the storage boxes never seem to end. The problem lies in the way we keep our things rather than not having enough of them. Storage options that let you take a look at all the contents can be a real lifesaver. And this tiered jewelry stand is just the perfect example of it. Your precious dainties deserve much better than shoe boxes covered in left over gift wrap!

Tiered jewelry display

Read on to find out how to make this covetable jewelry display without breaking the bank!


Take whatever mismatched crockery you have; cups, saucers, bowls, anything at all that your mom is planning to throw out. If she already threw it all out, drop in on a thrift shop and find some pretty pieces.

Add a cup or a bowl at the top, something slender and tall in the middle, and a broad object, like a plate, at the bottom.

Tiered jewelry display

I washed all the pieces and once the surfaces were all nice and dry, I used super glue to join the bowl and that middle part (you guys, I don’t even know what that thing is but it’s so pretty!)

Be super careful with the glue. It dries very quickly on skin (the ten excruciating minutes I spent trying to pull my fingers apart weren’t very memorable). Follow carefully the instructions that come with the glue.

Tiered jewelry display

Once the upper two pieces were set in place, I added the plate at the bottom. I love this piece because apart from being really, really pretty, it has these divisions which make organizing easier.

Tiered jewelry display

This is what the structure looked like at the end.

Tiered jewelry displayTiered jewelry display

Next time you’re on your vanity, choosing the right jewelry would be the least of your worries.

Also check out these DIY Burlap Storage boxes if you’re on an organizing spree!

Have a wonderful week!


Tiered jewelry display
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