Painted Terracotta Dishes

We made chevron trays, catchalls, burlap layered boxes, paper baskets and now to add to this list of organizing supplies, we’re going to paint some adorable terracotta dishes.



These impossibly cute dishes cost 5 rupees each and to revamp them, all it takes is a some acrylic paint and a gold sharpie.


Clean the surface with a dry cloth and apply the first coat of acrylic paint. Let it set and follow with a second layer. Two layers should do the trick, but if it doesn’t feel smooth enough, add a third layer and wait for it to dry. 


And if white isn’t your thing, paint them in different vibrant colors.

Once an evenly painted surface is ready, it’s time to get creative with that sharpie. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Add some groovy triangles, draw intricate patterns or simply draw an uneven border around the rim to mimic gold leaf. 


Putting these custom terracotta dishes on your worktable will help you organize supplies and also add a hint of classic white and gold into your decor. You can also keep them on your vanity and use them to showcase your favorite pieces of jewelry.

Happy crafting!


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