DIY Upholstery

20150511_222741 - Copy

If you remember the table I repaired earlier, you might also remember an ugly chair next to it and if you don’t, here’s a look


Well, that ugly duckling isn’t ugly anymore! And all it took for the transformation was some hot glue and less than an hour of DIY-ing.

I started off with taking the cushions out. It was a simple task I just had to get the screws out and here’s what the frame looked like.


Moving on to the upholstery this is the stuff I used.

That’s a pair of surgical scissor called a Lorenz. Perks of being in med school 🙂

I started by cutting out a piece that covered the cushion completely all around and extended 1.5 to 2 inches beyond.

Then I folded the fabric on the sides, as shown and glued it. Tip: use thumb tacks to secure the fabric in place.


Once you I glued both sides, I folded 1 to 2 inches of the back layer to the front and glued it there. Now 3 sides were glued and one still free


Next, I wraped the rest of the fabric over the front. The part that extended beyond had to be glued to the back just like before.

Here’s the trick for the corners while you are folding


End result

I did the same for the seat, but it didn’t require much effort because the underside is always out of sight and it’s okay if it’s not so perfect. So i fixed the cushions back into the frame and….


20150511_223007 - Copy

Update: I upgraded the chair again and you can read more about that here.

Here is a glimpse.

DIY in a Dorm



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