Simple Everyday Makeup

I hope the  hairstyle post was helpful and fun to try. It was my go-to updo when my hair was longer, but now that I have chopped it to a bob, there’s one less thing to worry about when I wake up. I try to spend the minimum amount of time getting ready in the morning and I love doing things that help me get out the door quicker; I moisturize very well at night, lay my outfits and jewelry out before I sleep, and go with this ‘no-makeup makeup’ look that is chic and quick. I would’ve loved to tell you how I use this extra time to make some mango milkshake or meditate. But you guys, I am a lazy person. I just sleep some more. (Which explains my short attendance, but that’s a different story.)

Step by step makeup

So, if you want to sleep some more too, here’s how to get this simple everyday look in under 10 minutes.

Prepping the skin

Wash your face thoroughly using gentle circular strokes with a mild face wash. Pat dry with a face towel. Never rub your face dry– your future self would thank you. Apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more and let it absorb into the skin properly. Meanwhile, do your hair or change your clothes to give the sunscreen sufficient time. Apply a nice lip-balm before starting the makeup so that the lips can absorb it and you get a plum pout.

I don’t prime everyday simply because I don’t have time. Priming is like the base coat of nail polish. So if you can do it that’s great but if you can’t, no worries.

I would HIGHLY recommend not using full coverage foundations and that’s for three reasons

  • One— we’re talking about putting makeup with a timer on, so you don’t have the luxury of using your beauty blender.
  • Two—it won’t be ‘no’ makeup anymore.
  • And third and the most important point is that making a habit of never leaving your house without a foundation will kill your confidence when going bare-skin. Not to mention the pore clogging and all the deleterious effects it has on your face.
Tinted moisturizer

So what I like instead is making my own tinted moisturizer. This trick that I learnt from my sister helps me tone my skin just the right amount. It helps to reduce redness and lightens spots that are dark without making my face look like I have ten filters on.

Put almost equal amounts of moisturizer and foundation on the back of your hand and mix thoroughly. Apply it all over your face.

                      20160805_175136 20160805_175220

(If you have areas that you are still concerned about, use a BB cream before the tinted moisturizer.)


Once the skin is prepped, I like to get started with eyebrows. Grooming eyebrows is probably the most important step of all. They frame your face and if they don’t look full, the whole look is drained.


Fill areas that are sparse using an eyebrow pencil two shades lighter than your hair color. Put small strokes in the direction of the hairs. Fill the arch and main body but go easy on the inner ends.

Use a clean spooly to brush the brows up and out. This will define the shape and color even more.



Apply a neutral eye-shadow all over your lid. Dab the brush in the shadow and tap off the extra powder on the back of your hand. Tap it gently over the eyelid. And I repeat, tap it, and don’t stroke it. Or simply use the pad of your finger to do it. Go for a sheer shimmery pigment for added sparkle.


Use a darker shade to define the crease but this is totally optional. The hollow of your eye is the crease and this step helps to mimic natural shadows.


Use eyeliner on your upper water line. This will give your lashes a fuller body. Don’t put dark eyeliner in the lower waterline. That’s a mistake just as bad as showing your lip-liner and lipstick separately. Hold the eye-pencil vertically with a slight inward slant and put the tip under the waterline. Swap it across 2 or 3 times making sure you don’t shut your eyes to prevent the pigment from getting on the lower waterline.



Curl your lashes next. Invest in a good curler, you guys, you’d regret if you don’t. Remember the video with the girl whose lashes came off? That’s the stuff I’m talking about.Eyelashe curler

Hold the curler in place for 5 seconds. Once close to the lash-line and once near the tips if needed. ( I read you can heat your curler with a hair-dryer if your lashes are difficult to curl, but heated metal anywhere close to my eyes? No, thank you.)

NEVER skip mascara. Skip washing your face if you don’t have time but do not at all ever skip mascara! Hold the wand horizontally and wiggle your way up the lashes. Don’t stroke because the ends will clump together. Wiggling will separate the hairs and paint them separately.

*wiggle wiggle wiggle*


Why I skip eyeliner

*gasp* I know!

Reason number one, my right eye looks like Adele’s makeup artist did it and my left eye ends up looking like my baby cousin, who’s yet to learn to use crayons, helped me do it. So, ain’t nobody got no time for that! And the second reason is that eyeliner actually consumes lid space. I have hooded eyes, so naturally, I can’t afford that but my friend here has the most beautiful big green eyes and you can see that they look really wide open awake without the eyeliner.


So let the eye-shadow and mascara do the trick.


Apply a nice blush to your cheeks to get the natural flushed look. Dab your brush in, tap off the excess and stroke it on the apple of your cheek, backwards and upwards.


Tip: If your lip color is peachy, go for a peach blush. If your blush is pink, your lips must have pinkish hues too. Get a nice cohesive theme going on your face not a clash of colors. (Anyone notice what I did there? Anyone? No? K.)


Complete the look with a nice pop of lip-gloss.


Add some sparkly studs and your ready to rock!


Step by step makeup
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Till next time!


9 thoughts on “Simple Everyday Makeup

  1. I love the moisturizer that you used! I just started using it yesterday!! I like how you actually kept it simple. Some people are Iike “simple makeup” but it’s usually not. Great post!😊


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