Fall Bucket List

I have studied waaaaay too much this year! But I am going to be free real soon and what better time is there to enjoy than autumn! So, I compiled a list of things to do this fall and make the most out of it. Read and enjoy! Host a bonfire Call over friends and … More Fall Bucket List

Going Home

Hey, you guys! Thanks for stopping by today. After my flight to Gilgit got cancelled for the 5th time in a row due to bad weather, my friends and I decided to go home by road last summer. Here are some pictures I took that day. Have fun browsing! Have a great week! Sahar

Sunday Book Bazaar

When I moved to Lahore, it was very baffling for me to see almost all markets closed on Sundays. Unless your stop is one of the few fancy stores that remain open, shopping trips have to be planned around the work schedule on weekdays. While there is an obvious downside to this tradition, it comes … More Sunday Book Bazaar

Baltit Fort

It is a very strong bond that a person has with his native soil. No matter where life takes you and no matter how often you get a chance to go back, that profound sense of belonging always remains there. Summer break is the best part of the year for me because it is the … More Baltit Fort

Kargah Buddha

Today’s post is a small journey back in time. Let’s start with the famous Silk Route- an extensive network of roads that connected areas from China, in the east and the Mediterranean, in the west. This route was central not only to trade, but was also the prime source of cultural and religious interactions. These interactions … More Kargah Buddha