Everyday Essentials You Must Never Forget

There are a few things you should never leave your house without. Sunscreen, inarguable, is the most important, but let’s talk about skincare another day. Today’s post is your fashion lowdown on everyday essentials that polish your style and let you make a model-off-duty statement. So be ready to strike some style chords and read on.

everyday essentialss


Find a scent you love and make it a part of you. A signature perfume is a must-have for women and men alike. Maybe you have already found it but if you haven’t, don’t stop hunting. You’d know it’s the one the minute you find it- love at first sight at its finest! Go for a subtle ethereal smell and spritz some on your wrists and neck right after you shower.


There is more than just fashion to eyewear. By relieving your eyes of having to squint in the sun, you prevent crow feet and frown lines. Once you get them, it is almost impossible to go back. Help your eye-serum do its job and invest in a good pair of sunglasses. Keep a collection of different designs or buy a timeless structure, and don’t hesitate to splurge.


The best way to make a statement is your jewelry. Look for unique pieces and keep your outfits in mind when you buy it. Adding a nice Boho flare to your ensemble or a subtle hint of shimmer- the right piece can do the trick.

everyday essentials

Wrist Watch

Everyone has a cell-phone but reaching for one every time is not always possible or appropriate- think college lectures, when you desperately need to know how much more there is left to endure but can’t take out your phone with the professor looking. Needless to say, money spent on a good watch is always worth it.

If mornings are always chaotic, group these essentials together on a pretty cake-stand on your vanity. And also check out how to make mornings easier to deal with here.

Pamper yourself everyday. And don’t forget that “the world is your runway” –Gabrielle Chanel

Till next time!





Everyday Essentials You Must Never Forget

12 thoughts on “Everyday Essentials You Must Never Forget

  1. Totally agree that perfume is an essential!! I love carrying around travel-sized perfumes that are probably only like 3 fluid ounces!


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