Outfit Ideas: Pink

There would hardly be a girl who wouldn’t have pink in her wardrobe! Sure many of us might not wear it, but the truth is, no one is strong enough to resist buying pink even if they weren’t gonna put it on.

‘A pink pair of pumps? Yes, please! But wait, they can’t be worn with most of the stuff I own. Pffft! Whatever! Buy them!’

So how do we wear pink without over doing it? The answer is balance and that’s what today’s outfit is about.outfit

Paired with this breezy color are white accessories, giving you a perfect summer-day look. So open those closet doors and pull that pink top out, because no other color can ever be the ‘new pink’.
Enjoy dressing up!


2 thoughts on “Outfit Ideas: Pink

  1. What a beautiful and well balanced outfit you have put together Sahar! Looks so classy! I love those earrings too!


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