Chevron Organizing Trays

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It rained all night and I kept wishing my flight in the morning gets canceled somehow. Gilgit is a small place and they operate just one flight everyday and, that too, if the weather’s good. But my wish didn’t come true and soon enough I was sitting in the airport lobby with my boarding pass. What can be worse than going back to college in mid-July? Getting a schedule with extended hospital hours.

Well anyway, good things happen too and for me, it was getting this cute tray with the food on the plane. And that’s when I had an ‘Ahan’ moment. I had been planning on making organizing trays for the small things I keep losing all the time, but couldn’t find the right size anywhere. After an awkward conversation with the steward asking him not to throw it into the trash, I got to keep this one ­čÖé

Annnnd DIY time! The materials I needed for this project are

  1. Transparent tray
  2. Masking tape
  3. Spray paint
  4. Scissors

For the design, I┬ádecided to go with chevron; it’s simple to make and looks sophisticated. To make this pattern, start by drawing a line through the middle of the back of the tray. Next,┬ácut pieces of masking tape and starting with the corners, put them in a way that the┬ápieces from both sides meet at the line you drew earlier. Leave some space and put more tape and repeat till you get the desired number of stripes.

Once you’re done with the tape, apply a couple of spray paint

Pull the tape off when you are absolutely sure the paint is set. And that’s basically it! Decorative┬átrays are a great help in organizing small items. Putting your stuff in a pretty little tray adds both decor and order to your place.

And if you find yourself looking for erasers, post-it pads or paper clips all over the place, it’s time to make a couple of these organizing trays for your office.

Pair them up with similar items to create a cohesive look.

And here’s another one with simple stripes.

Hope this was helpful. Till next time! Sign

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