Striped Notebook
Every time I grab my books and sit down these days, a DIY, I don’t know how, finds it’s way to me. This one also started with a vain attempt to study, when a notebook kept distracting me (let the irony sink in). Every now and then, my eyes drifted in it’s direction and my brain started coming up with all the possible things I could do to change the look of that ugly cover. I know I mentioned in an earlier post that it’s my summer break right now, but they are prep leaves really. And calling them a ‘summer break’ is my college’s  most evil way to give you hope and then squeeze out all happiness from you by sending the exam’s schedule.
So well, eventually, I decided to quit studying and fix that mess of a design printed on the notebook’s front cover.
Here is how it looked initially. I’m sure this explains my annoyance and impatience.
‘Tariq notebook Rose center” I mean, seriously?!
This is the only tool needed, a black marker with a flat tip. Not requiring any fancy supplies is actually both, a good and a bad thing at the same time. It’s good, obviously, because it saves you from trips to the crafts’ store (and of course saves your money too). But it’s bad because once your realize you can upgrade almost everything with minimum supplies, it literally becomes an addiction.
I used a nice sturdy paper and drew my pattern on it. It’s better not to start off with the marker, rather draw lines with a pencil first so that you can fix any mistakes easily. The part of the paper that is blank and folded, will be glued to the inside.
Glue the pattern on the cover and cut off any extra length with a paper knife. (those holes have got nothing to do with the notebook’s binding, it’s a page from a sketch book so it already had those)
As you can see, the pattern doesn’t extend all the way to left, the reason being that spiral binding. It would’ve been difficult to punch holes and align them exactly with the spiral, in fact that’s something they do professionally, so I thought it’s better to stay away from that margin. Instead I colored that whole part black. Like this
I finished the look with a nice little tag with my name on it. I admit, it’s messy but I’m lovin’ it!
Black, white and gold can give the perfect chic look to any thing. I love working with this combination.

It’s very important to make sure all your things are double duty when you live in small places, like an ottoman should also have storage capacity. Just as important, is making sure that your things are pretty too. A small place means those things would be in your sight all day, so why not put in a little effort and upgrade everything from drab to fab? And that’s the idea behind this notebook upgrade.

That’s all for now folks! Thanks so much for coming 🙂 Make sure you pin the pictures to find them later:) Sign Blend

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