How to Style a Table

This table rescued from trash is living happily in my dorm room and as crazy as this might sound, I just LOVE the pretty little thing!


Something adorable like this called for some extra pampering and styling! The problem, however, was that it also happens to be the place where I write, watch anime and eat and hence, a mess. So in this post I’m going to share a few tips that helped me accessorize this table in a way that makes it pretty and pretty functional.

Styling a table


I have a few things grouped together on one side and a few on the other. All these are confined to the back leaving adequate space for keeping books or the computer on the front. I kept the number of things on each side and their heights similar to create balance. It’s better to add things with varying heights beacuse it keeps the eye moving and creates visual interest, but the gallery wall above didn’t give me that liberty.

Styling a table

A Live Object

Whether it is a bowl of ripe fruits on a kitchen counter or a bouquet of fresh flowers on a coffee table, a live element is very crucial for any place. So go on ahead and treat your eyes with some fresh colors.

Styling a table diyinadorm.wordpress.comStyling a table


Corralling things together in decorative trays is a perfect way give a ‘home’ to small items. Keep a tray for USB’s, keys, paper-pins etc and you’d always know where to find them without having to rummage in untidy drawers and boxes.


An Inspiration Board

When studying seems like an endless labor a little motivation can really help keep the spirits up. A bulletin board is a perfect way to display something that you love or inspires you without having to sacrifice precious desk space to picture-frames. And it also looks way better than those sticky notes for important reminders.

Put up your favorite quotes or pictures, or go ahead and add a dry erase board!
Writing Material

Even the age of smart phones couldn’t replace the good old pen and paper. So keep a notepad in reach because you don’t want to look for blank pages in notebooks every time you need to make a quick note.

This One Piece notepad is just too precious to be written upon!

Styling a table


Books on a study table? Oh thank you Captain Obvious! Well to be more specific, I’m talking about pretty ones here. Who doesn’t love books? And we all have tons of them, so why not display them proudly! Stack some volumes you love and place a small ornament atop to add visual interest.


A Coaster

I love coffee but I won’t love it if it leaves a stain on my table. Add a coaster and save yourself from having to clean any splatter stains. And while you’re at it, buy one that makes a statement piece!



While this one needs no description, it is important that your Pen-holders are pretty since there are going to be in-front of you all day long. DIY something unique so you don’t end up with something every other student on campus owns.


Containers with lids

We all love spaces that are curated and tidy but there are a few not-so-pretty things that we can not get rid of. So get a pretty container with a lid that can hide the mess away.


Pretty Accessories

Make the space reflect your style by adding unique accessories. A souvenir, a gift or maybe something you simply love will make you smile every time you glance at it.


Good Lighting

Having natural light flowing in from windows is a blessing! And fortunately I have that in my room. I placed the table next to the window and have a big light fixture above it. If the light is inadequate don’t hesitate to invest in a good lamp.

Styling a table

Pops of Color

If you want to stick to a color theme, it’s very important not to over-do it. A few colored accessories spread across your table will break the monotony which can become a visual mess.

Styling a table


These go under or on the side of the table to keep the bigger (read: uglier) stuff organized.


Scented Candles

When you’re tired of sitting on a chair staring at a bright computer screen all day, let your favorite scent help you relax!


And with all that put together you’d have a space you’d never get tired of!

Styling a table diyinadorm.wordpress.comStyling a table


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