Paper Basket

If you love organizing like I do, I’m sure you’re always busy looking for new and creative ways to keep your stuff in order. I’m always short on space and I guess that’s the story with all dorms. So until I get a nice apartment, I’m gonna have to make use of Pinterest’s magic to find storage solutions. This weekend I tried a famous DIY craft, a paper basket and here goes the tutorial.

You’re going to need:

  • 2 cardboard pieces
  • Brown colored paper
  • Paper knife
  • Glue

Before we begin let me share a big mistake that I made with you. The paper I used turned out to be too thin and soon I found myself in a big mess. Make sure your paper has just the right thickness; too thick would mean you can’t bend it and too thin (like mine) would mean it’s not going to hold on.

So with that said, let’s get to the steps.

Start by cutting the paper into strips and roll them to make tubes.

Glue the last part and secure it.

Now glue these tubes to one of the pieces of the cardboard. you’d get something like this.

Now glue the other piece over this one to hide the mess and get a neat base. I was so busy with the rest that I didn’t take any in-between pictures, but it’s very simple. You have to start weaving with the rest of the tubes, with the ‘over one under one’ method. Add about four or five rows and keep pushing each tube down so that you don’t end up with wide spaces. Now bend the remaining part of the vertical tubes sideways and weave them too. As you run out of it’s length, glue each tube on the inside for a tidy finish.

That’s all for today, don’t forget to pin it! 🙂


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