Table Makeover

Styling a table

I am very excited to share a project that I took up a few days back and, to my great happiness, it turned out to be exactly what I had imagined. 🙂


I found this shabby wood desk thrown in trash and to be honest that’s where it really belonged. But when I put my eyes on it, I knew it could exactly look like a desk I had seen before.


And that’s when I thought its time for some DIY!

Step one obviously was scrubbing away that thick layer of mud that had been covering the whole body, followed by disinfecting the wood. Next, I removed the remains of what I imagine must’ve been a useful drawer once.

The wood, as you can see, was badly discoloured, so I had to paint it and when it comes down to that, my favourite is spray painting. Spray paints are very easy to handle and one always ends up with satisfying results even if it’s not perfect in the beginning. The colour I chose was silver, because silver and gold are classic beauties and you just can’t go wrong with them!


The top surface, as shown above, was damaged beyond repair. I had to replace it somehow but an easier option was of course to hide it. I found this white plywood sheet around 3 by 4 feet and I instantaneously knew it is the right thing for the job; the thickness makes it durable and one of the sides is very smooth and glossy, so not only does it look visually appealing but also functional (just wipe away any liquid spills!). I got the sheet cut into the required size and used very thin nails to secure it on top of the table.

Styling a table

And here is what I had at the end of the day! 😀

Styling a table

Thanks for stopping by!


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