Gold Pencil-holder

Gold Pencil-holder
Turns out I had the exact same set of color-pencils as my six year old cousin and I reeeaally needed to fix that!
A friend of mine has these really pretty ones that came with a sleek brass holder. It’s just perfect but the price tag that came along was a big nah-uh.
So did I want prettier ones too? YEP. Was I gonna spend a fortune on them? NOPE. Did I DIY? You bet I did. 😀
Gold Pencil-holder
It all started with these regular ones. I didn’t take a picture of the box because it has a giant goldfish with wobbly eyes. That should’ve been enough to keep me away but then, they were being sold for less than a hundred rupees (for reference one dollar is roughly equal to one hundred rupees).
Gold Pencil-holder diyinadorm.wordpress.comGold Pencil-holder
I scrapped off the coat of paint on them and this is the only part that takes a little time. I used a knife and maybe I’d sand them lightly for a smoother finish later.
Gold Pencil-holder
I totally love the woods natural color. Plus it makes them look more expensive than they actually are, so all the better!
Gold Pencil-holder
For the pencil-holder I used a small piece of cardboard and here’s a drawing to help you with the folding.
Gold Pencil-holder
As you can see in the image, the sides labeled 3 and 4 are slightly wider than the sides 1 and 2 to make room for the pencils. The lower flap makes the base when its turned in and glued to the flap from the opposite side.
Gold Pencil-holder diyinadorm.wordpress.comGold Pencil-holder
And here’s the top view.
Gold Pencil-holder
You can see the overlapping ends on the left side.
A coat of spray paint and then I added the colors. All done! 🙂
Gold Pencil-holder
Gold Pencil-holder
And because I loved the their new look….
Gold Pencil-holder diyinadorm.wordpress.com20150825_155910a
I’m so happy they don’t look like pencils from a 2nd grader’s school bag anymore. In fact they make a great office accessory.
Gold Pencil-holder diyinadorm.wordpress.com20150825_160654a
Gold Pencil-holder

That’s all for now! I’ll meet you here again soon!

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