Burlap Covered Storage Box

Burlap Covered Box diyinadorm.wordpress.com

When it comes to my favorites, burlap is second only to spray paint and I found a perfect way to add it to my place. I had a couple of very basic (read: ugly) storage boxes that were in a dire need of some up-cycling. I decided to cover them in burlap and lined the top with a printed cloth to neutralize the rest of the rough look. The whole thing took less than an hour and now I’m wondering why didn’t I do it sooner.

Burlap Covered Box diyinadorm.wordpress.com

The supplies needed are:

  • Box
  • Burlap
  • Printed fabric
  • Glue

So this is what the project started with.

Burlap Covered Box diyinadorm.wordpress.com

Start by cutting a piece of fabric 3″ wide and long enough to be wrapped around the box. Glue about 2″ on the outer side of the box and fold the rest inwards and glue it there.

Burlap Covered Box diyinadorm.wordpress.com

Fold about an inch of the burlap lengthwise and iron it to get a defined line.


Glue the folded part over the lower part of the printed fabric. This is to prevent the the jute threads from getting loose and coming out of the cut side.

Burlap Covered Box diyinadorm.wordpress.com

Apply a liberal amount of glue (mod podge) on the box and set the burlap in place. Cut the part that extends beyond the box to make flaps. Fold and glue these under the base.


And you’re done!

Burlap Covered Box diyinadorm.wordpress.comBurlap Covered Box diyinadorm.wordpress.com

I made two boxes and used different prints but kept their colors the same for creating cohesion.Burlap Covered Box diyinadorm.wordpress.comBurlap Covered Box diyinadorm.wordpress.com

Burlap Covered Box diyinadorm.wordpress.comBurlap Covered Box diyinadorm.wordpress.com


This is such an easy project and a fun way to add a unique touch to your space. You can make a few of these and add labels to each for a perfect organizing solution. The best part is how they can be used literally anywhere around the house; for organizing office supplies, storing toys in a playroom, stacking in magazines in a living room and these would look great placed together on shelves or under a coffee table.

Hope you like them! I’ll meet you here again soon!

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