How to Create a Vignette

How exciting it is to move to a new place and make all the ideas waiting on your Pinterest boards come to life. Planning, pinning and creating the space of your dreams is just the best kind of fun, even better than shopping! If it weren’t for medical school, I’d probably have rearranged the furniture in my room every week. And I know it might sound absurd to some of you, but those who are addicted to decor boards on Pinterest will get it.


While rearranging the bigger stuff might not be a feasible option, smaller objects can always be moved around, giving your place a fresh feel. The best thing to do is to create decor vignettes. There are no crafts today, but in this post we’d talk about the anatomy of vignettes and tips on displaying your own collection.



The picture above shows the essentials for any vignette. Add or remove things according to what is available, for example, you can add a nice lamp or swap option number 3 for a taller stack of books. We’ve already talked a lot about trays and of course, lowers and pictures need no explanation. So let’s talk about arrangement.


Instead of putting everything in a single file, layer items to create depth. Part of your picture may be hidden, but you’d see that it looks visually more appealing than just putting everything side by side.


Vary heights

This is basically the same thing as above, just in a vertical direction. Mix tall and short objects to keep the eye moving. Instead of looking at a single point, the observer will pay attention to the detailing you have done.


Add natural elements

Maybe its a bowl of fruits on a kitchen counter-top or a plant on your study table, a live object creates interest and adds color and freshness to your place.



Keep things in odd numbers

Grouping 3 or 5 objects is going to look much better than keeping 4 together. In this vignette there are 5 objects on the table, the flower vase, decorative mug, a small box, picture and finally the books, and I didn’t have to count and place them. Things fall into place naturally and, as it turns out, odd numbers that work better than even.


Add unique objects

Our place must reflect us, not a Pinterest board, so don’t put up a gold pineapple atop your books just because everyone else is doing it. Displaying souvenirs, gifts or maybe some calligraphy that you did, adds character to any set up.

Have fun decorating, till next time!


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