How to Make Yarn Wrapped Letters

The worst part of this dorm is a room number label pasted outside. Every day after college, I have a less than pleasing encounter with those printed digits, and today I decided to get rid of them for something nicer. If you have some paint, cardboard and yarn (or ribbon), you’re all set to go for this project.

To make these yarn wrapped figures you will have to:

1. Start by drawing the letters/numbers on a cardboard piece and cut them out with a pair of scissors.

2. Glue one end of the yarn at the back of the shape (or use tape to secure it) and start wrapping the length around it.

3. Keep pushing the turns together so that there are no uncovered spaces left.

4. Once the entire shape is covered, secure the other end again at the back with glue or tape.

For the background I made a chevron print (I think by now you know I really love this pattern). Draw reference lines in pencil and fill in between with paint. And if you’re not very good with a paint brush like me, use a colored pen.

Try different arrangements of the letters or numbers on the print and once the paint is dry glue, them on.

Paste the whole thing on a cardboard piece and add a little string at the back for hanging it.

That’s it. Told you guys, it’s very simple!. But the uses you can put these yarn wrapped letters into are countless. Use them to write yours and your roommate’s names, maybe the Wi-Fi password for the guests at home, or make an over-sized monogram and hang it over the bed.

Better yet, just put them on a shelf for some instant decor!

Here’s the final look.

So glad you came by today. 😀

Till next time! Sign

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