DIY Bookmarks

Speaking of books and fall, did you some scrap paper is all it takes to make these kawaiii bookmarks! Take some paper with a bright color or pattern. I used pages from a calendar. Trace out three squares measuring 6 x 6 cm, or whatever size you desire. Cut out the shape shown below. Fold … More DIY Bookmarks

DIY Nightstand

Hey, you guys! Autumn is upon us and it’s time to cuddle up indoors with our favorite books and a hot cup of coffee. And that’s why you are going to need a nightstand to keep your favorite volumes right next to you, this fall. Gather up the books you’re done reading and give them … More DIY Nightstand

Glue Gun Jewelry

You know what’s better than wearing jewelry? Making jewelry! Not only is it super fun but custom jewelry gives that signature look to your outfits and the best part is that you can make it without breaking the bank. Read on and find out how to make these adorable pendants using only a glue gun and … More Glue Gun Jewelry

DIY Lamp Upgrade

While browsing through random items in a thrift store today, I saw the prettiest little polygons on a lamp base. Without a moment’s delay, I decided to buy it and to my great happiness it costed only 50 rupees. The excitement, however, was short lived. I picked the lamp up and its shade came off, … More DIY Lamp Upgrade