DIY Pen-holder

So the other day I found something amazing in the local craft’s store, many of you would already know about it, but for those who don’t here it is, glitter covered foaming sheets.


These beauties come in a whole range of colors. The best part is that they are basically stickers, all you have to do is peel off the paper at the back and stick them where ever you like, plus they are made up of foaming sheet so its super easy to cut them.

I decided to make a pen-holder out of an old cardboard box (the corrugated type). The box itself was quite ugly and that’s when the glitter sheets came to the rescue.

To make this holder cut out the cardboard into 5 squares and 8 triangles. The dimensions of both shapes should be the same, for example each square I cut measured is 3.5 x 3.5 inches and the triangle’s sides were 3.5 inches too. Next, cut out the same shapes from the glitter sheet.

Now align four triangles with each side of the square and join them with some masking tape.

Pull two triangles close and add a square in between, do the same for all sides (that would be three more times).

Now you should have one square at the base with four triangles around it and then a row of four squares between these. At this point it looks pretty much like a bowl. You can line the inner and outer sides with the sheet and use it just like that to keep keys, USBs or other small items. IMG_20150610_214305aIMG_20150610_214321

For the last part add another line of triangles between the squares. Make sure you secure the shapes properly with the tape because that’s what the structures stability depends on.

Masking tape is a good option here because at any step, if you feel something is not right, you can just peel it off without damaging the cardboard.

So now we have the basic structure ready. Take the pieces you cut out earlier from the sheet, peel off the paper from the back and paste them all around.

If you want to use it for keeping flowers or plants, take a small plastic bottle, cut it at around 4 inches from the base and put it inside this. Pour in some water and add your flowers!



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