Glass Jar Upgrade

There’s so much one can do with glass jars. Perfect for organizing makeup, craft supplies, to keep flowers or candles, the possibilities for these cute things are infinite. Since they come in all shapes and sizes, and are basically free, I love re-purposing them. Spray paint is a great, and also a very common, way to give these plain containers a whole new exciting look. But I tried something different and I’m gonna share that with you in this post.

What looks like the most difficult part, is to take off those stubborn labels. But really, it’s actually very easy. I’ve seen different ways of doing this, some need oils others require lighter fluid and so forth. But hot water works just alright and you don’t really need to get into longer processes. So soak the jar completely in hot water for an hour and peel off the label. Most of it will come off, rub the remaining patches of glue with steel wool. And don’t worry there won’t be any hideous scratches left.

Once you’re done with that, let the jars dry completely. Now draw the pattern you want in correction fluid. If you feel you might not be able to draw accurately with the corrector fluid, draw with a light colored pen first and trace on the lines. Once the fluid is set, apply a coat of transparent nail enamel. This step is very important because the fluid can easily get washed off, and you don’t want that especially if you plan to use it for keeping plants.

I love this technique because it requires almost no effort and the supplies are a common find. It’s a great way  to use all those coffee jars you bought to get you through the tests 🙂

This one is a Nutella jar and if you watch Anime, you sure know what the sign is.

See ya soon! 🙂



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