DIY Hanging Banner

It doesn’t always have to be a fancy quote that inspires you. A simple ‘be happy’ can add a lot of positivity to your day and remind you that happiness is the more important than anything else. So, DIY this banner and put it up somewhere you can see it everyday for your daily dose of motivation!

DIY Hanging Banner

Material Required

How to

Cut down the foaming sheet to the size you want leaving 3 cm extra at the top for folding.

cut the sheet|DIY Hanging Banner

Fold the rectangle in half and mark the center. Cut the folded sheet diagonally as shown to get a pointed tip.

fold and cut | DIY Hanging Banner

Apply double sided tape around 4 cm from the top. Peel the backing and press the sheet gently to make the tape hold.

appy double-sided tape

Don’t use hot glue because it sticks way too quickly and if you press the nozzle too hard it can burn the sheet. Don’t use scotch tape either, it does not hold foaming sheet for long.

Use a pencil to write and then trace over it with a marker.

write with a marker

Pass a stick through the top and tie a string to each end.

DIY Hanging Banner|DIY Hanging Banner

DIY Hanging Banner

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Have fantastic weekend!


Hanging banner DIY
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24 thoughts on “DIY Hanging Banner

      1. They loved the last one I posted to face book, that’s basically how I get their attention. You’re doing well, and you don’t need affirmation, trust me

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      2. You put so much step by step help in your illustrations, aside from such nifty projections that you deserve acknowledgement for your dedication. Bless you

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Emma.
      I really like the layout of your blog and the color scheme you’ve chosen. I think you should add more pictures to posts because most people prefer looking at pictures over reading. Or maybe you did add them and they aren’t showing up?

      Liked by 1 person

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