Outfit Ideas: Black & White


It’s April already! Do you remember New Year’s resolution was a thing too? Part of my resolution was to fix my messed up routine and start going to bed at a reasonable time. Even after four months now, somehow it’s always after 2 am that I *begin* to think maybe I should turn off the computer.  But in these four months, I learnt a simple trick that lets me get a little extra zzz’s in the morning; ALWAYS plan your outfit before you go to bed!

In a routine so busy where we have to eat our breakfast (read: microwave-heated, store-bought sandwich) while running to work or college, the question, whether my shoes and bag complement each other, is hardly anybody’s concern. While it’s difficult to squeeze out an extra 15 minutes from the morning routine to put a good outfit together (of course we’re not going to wake up earlier, duh!) the weekends are all ours. Huh? Am I going to dress up for the week on a weekend?? Nope, you’re going to plan! So spare this Sunday and get ready to tackle that closet.

Take a look at your clothes, take your favorite pieces out, and mix and match patterns, colors and textures to get the look that flatters your style. Choose a piece that you love, maybe it’s a top or a pair of heels, and build your outfit around that piece. And don’t forget accessories. The right necklace can turn a plain t-shirt into your favorite piece of clothing.

I’ve put together a basic black and white outfit in this post and added a hint of gold (everything feels so wrong without a little gold in it!). For the ultimate street chic look swap the heels with sneakers and put the whole thing together with a messed up bun or for an elegant ensemble, go for a classic red lip and curl that beautiful hair of yours!

Enjoy dressing up!

Till next time!


14 thoughts on “Outfit Ideas: Black & White

  1. Thanks for the outfit ideas, I really like the way you mixed the different parts of the outfit to make one elegant outfit! xxx


  2. Can you do more of these ideas please? They would help people like me who have 0 sense of fashion :p BTW this one is simply gorg!!


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