Dry Erase Board

When you have a lot of stuff you need to remember,

a dry erase board can be great help.

But why waste money on the regular ones that give you a ‘back to school’ kind of feeling (and not the good kind) when you can make cute ones yourself.

I found this tiny frame some time back and it stayed in one of those boxes that we all have- full of stuff we buy, for reasons we don’t know. So, I decided to put it to some use and made a dry erase board with it.


It’s a straightforward project that requires less than five minutes of your time. So let’s get started people!

Cut out a piece of plain paper and put it in your frame.  I decided to go with the classic white.



Alternatively, a nice patterned piece of a light tone would also look good. A bulletin board with a frame for each day of the week makes a great organizing solution. It’s also a great help in studies if you need to memorize a lot of tricky terms (medicine students can totally relate).

Make sure that you don’t use permanent marker, that stuff can be pretty hard to remove.

I’m keeping it on my table for now but it can also be put up on an inspiration board or walls.


Hope you liked the idea!



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