Clipboard Picture Frame

Clipboard Picture Frame

I’ve been working on a gallery wall for my room. After spray painting several old picture frames gold and selecting some prints to put in them, getting the whole thing on the wall is the last thing left. For that I’m still trying to figure out a good arrangement because other than the frames, I also have a straw hat that I want to add to the gallery.

Well while selecting the frames, I came across the use of clipboards to put up stuff. Easier and a lot more cost effective than framing things, I immediately fell in love with the idea.

I spray painted the ‘clip’ gold to give the whole collection a cohesive look and simply put the print in it.

Clipboard Picture Frame

I googled free printables and came across this adorable Eiffel Tower doodle. You can find it here.

Clipboard Picture Frame

Clipboard Picture Frame

That little clock also underwent some transformation. I don’t really have a good ‘before’ picture but you can see what it looked like here. You can find the full DIY Album post here.

After a coat of black paint, I drew this pattern with a gold pen. For the background I drew some arrows on a paper and pasted it in. I did not find a way to put the glass back in though. :/

Clipboard Picture Frame

That’s it guys!

Have a great weekend!

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