30 Day Challenge: Loving Yourself

Do you often find yourself wondering if it is you or is time really passing by faster than ever before? To think that seven months of this year have already passed! Life sure is busy. Many of us are struggling with hectic college years, many are building careers and many are busy trying to find balance between work and personal life. The hustle never ends and with schedules so jam-packed, we often forget to take time out for ourselves.30 Day Challenge Loving Yourself

Love your family, your friends and your job, but self-neglect is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Take this month’s 30 Day Challenge of loving yourself, and pamper yourself because it is only the best that you deserve. 

Spend some me-time

Who doesn’t love to watch a nice movie with their family at the end of a tiring day? But just as important is to spend some time alone. Whether it is reading a book you prefer or curling up on a couch and relaxing, time spent alone helps you unwind. Reflect about your future and life goals or just lie there still. You’d realize that is a strangely peaceful feeling to connect with yourself.

Don’t hesitate to spend on yourself

This doesn’t refer to splurging on clothes when your closet is already filled to the brim. While it is important to save, it is also crucial to spend on what makes you happy. Get a relaxing body massage or a soothing facial or go dine in that fancy new restaurant. Remember, money is worth nothing if it is costing you your health or peace.

Surround yourself with people who make you happy

We all know someone who magically drains all the energy from a room the moment they enter. Pretty much like those dementors. A chronic complainer or someone who thrives at making you feel lesser than them. Cut out such people from your life and know that you don’t have the time for negativity like that. When it is someone you can’t avoid for example a co-worker, keep your interaction strictly limited.


Learn to say ‘No’

A lot of times we nod yes to things we don’t want to, just to avoid an awkward situation or maybe because we don’t want to appear demanding or stubborn.  But, it’s a fact that it is not possible for us to please everyone. Learn to say no when you are not comfortable with something. Be polite but don’t be a pushover. In fact, people would respect you more if you are honest.


Whether it is yoga that pacifies your heart or prayers, do it and disconnect from all the commotion for a while. “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves” –Dalai Lama

Take good care of your health

Drink plenty of juices, eat fresh fruits and make sure the food you eat is nutritious and balanced. Make your diet a priority and no, a sandwich on the go is not at all equal to breakfast. Get proper sleep at night. Sleeping for 5 hours at night and 2 during the day does not make up 7 hours of sleep. Your body is highly affected by your sleep cycle, so build a good routine. And lastly, hit the gym or do small workouts at home.

A healthy body means a healthy and happy life.

Travel alone

Keep it on your bucket list to visit a place you love, alone. It is very empowering when you are responsible for making all the decisions and let’s you truly follow your heart. Travelling alone also means lesser distractions and you can be fully engrossed in your journey, observing those small delightful details. You are free to interact with new people and it is also a great introspective, soul-searching experience.

Take up a hobby 

Yes, you are too busy with studies or work. But is that really an excuse good enough to avoid doing something you enjoy? Start a blog, write poems or collect stamps. Do anything at all that makes you feel good and take that break you need from the repetitive everyday cycle.

Life is too short and it is going to throw one thing after another at you to keep your hands full. So stop and catch a breath. Make yourself a priority. Connect with yourself and love yourself, and you’d realize that not only will it boost tranquility in your life,  but it will also help you become a better friend and a better family member. 

Till next time!


13 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Loving Yourself

    1. I think it entirely depends upon the person. If he wants to become stronger and feels he can redirect that negativity into a positive outcome, then what you’re saying might be helpful. But if he’s already unhappy and frustrated about his circle, the best thing to do is get out of it.

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