DIY Book cover

For my friend’s birthday I wanted to give her an old Persian poem that I really love. Unfortunately the book is not available here, and so I thought it’s time to make a book!

This tutorial is about binding pages into a book and instead of sewing them together I just went with a file cover; clever and easy :).

Lets start off with supplies needed.

  • File cover
  • Jute
  • Foaming sheet
  • Blank paper
  • Tags
  • Glue
  • Paper knife
  • Scissors

book1 - Copy

The file looked like this from inside and I put the papers in those binding rings

I had a soft copy of the poem, I printed that in two columns on an A-4 size paper (landscape layout) and cut it in half. So the pages were tiny compared to the file.

I placed one of the pages on the cover and drew lines 1 cm away from the margins and cut along these lines.

The result was this smaller and cuter version of the file and I just loved it so much. I think I’d make more of them and keep them just that way.

Next, I cut out two pieces of foaming sheet to cover the file cover from the outside and glued them on. This was to make the cover a tad softer because the plastic didn’t feel very good to touch.


Just the same way, I cut out a piece of jute and covered the file cover, gluing the turned edges on the inside.

Warning: DON’T use HOT GLUE. Jute has these tiny holes and when you press to make the glue hold, it oozes out burning your fingers (that came from some unpleasant experience, can’t believe I did something so stupid). So go for UHU or something similar.

And then the last step was to add the tag with my friend’s name on it. Here is the final look before it was wrapped up in some glittery gift paper.

Don’t forget to pin this project if you liked it and stay tuned for more 🙂



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