DIY Office Accessories
Hey y’all! This post is about some office accessories that I DIYed today, from some trash I found around the house (and I kid you not when I say trash). This set of three, that includes a pen holder a planter and a cute, tiny box is officially my new favorite project. I have been siting here, on my table, for quite some time now, staring at them ( which is actually kinda creepy).
diyinadorm.wordpress.comSo excited you are looking at these right now 😀
The pen holder at the back is a piece of scarp wood. Actually, that doesn’t classify even as scarp wood, so let’s just call it a tiny, useless piece of junk. The planter is a small plastic container and the box is just some paper folded (aka origami)
Let’s start with the planter. This is the container I had.
And here is what it looked like after a coat of white spray paint (I told you guys, I’m obsessed with spray paint).
Remember the Striped Notebook project? I used the leftover ink to make these patterns on the white base.
They are just some random doodles and I love the modern look they give. I’m no expert, but one thing that I’ve learnt is the more you think while drawing patterns, the messier they get. Let your hands do the magic on their own and you’d be pleasantly surprised to see the results.
Moving on to the pen-holder, I started off by sanding the surface to make its smoother. Next, I measured and marked five points on the top surface, on equal distances. Then I drilled holes on the marked spots (actually it was my brother who did that part)
I spray painted it and drew similar patterns. I’m sure you’d notice that the wood doesn’t have a glossy (not even neat) finish. The reasons are, first, I didn’t do enough sanding and second, I used no primer coat no varnish at the end, not even two coats of paint. It’s just one coat of spray paint, absorbed into the wood at some points, messy at others. I love the distressed look that this gave and that’s why I decided to leave it just like that.
If you like a nice high gloss finish, you can do that very easily. Just get a really nice smooth surface at the start, fill up any bumps and ridges with some wood filler, sand again. And you already know the painting rules; primer, color, varnish.
Lastly, the origami box. I’m simply in love with this technique (although, so far all I’ve done is make boxes. Believe me, I threw a whole bunch of them this morning because I was just constantly making them for no reason). Origami is easy and again, requires no tools, which is one of the concepts behind this blog. However, I did use some glue and scotch tape on this one, just to ensure extra strength.
The idea behind this picture, was to say  ‘you can also use these to keep your makeup’. Yeah well, dumb.
That’s all everyone. DIY office accessory sets like these for your dorm, home office, or even to gift them to a friend. The best part is how you can personalize the whole look. Draw matching patterns on all, florals like this one, or geometric designs like squares and triangles, or maybe something you have pinned. I really hope this was helpful.
Enjoy DIYing and have a great day!
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