DIY Lanterns

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Hey you guys! I haven’t posted in ages and this tiny post took waaaaay longer than expected. All credit goes to my college. With so many tests coming up and the final exams just around the corner, I got this tiny window after a long time and used it to get the post done.

DIY Lantern

It all started with a broken brooch. Obviously I didn’t want to throw it away and neither could I put it on. So after a little brainstorming, this DIY came together. Starting of with the supplies, I used..

DIY Lantern

  • Burlap
  • Wire
  • A glass jar
  • Glue
  • Brooch

Start off by prepping the jar and cut off a piece of burlap big enough to be put all around the jar. Glue it on (don’t use hot glue, it will ooze out and burn your fingers).

DIY Lantern diyinadorm.wordpress.comDIY Lantern

Next step is cutting a piece of wire long enough to be wrapped around the jar’s rim. Leave a little extra length to be twisted and tied.

DIY Lantern

Cut a longer piece of wire to hang the lamp. Twist both ends into loops with a pair of pliers.

DIY Lantern

Pass the wire around the rim through these loops before you tie it up. Glue the brooch on or any other piece of jewelry; maybe an earring with a lost pair or a broken necklace.

DIY Lantern diyinadorm.wordpress.comDIY Lantern

And for the last step add some water and a tea-light.

Light it up and Voila!
DIY Lantern diyinadorm.wordpress.comDIY Lantern diyinadorm.wordpress.comDIY Lantern

Keep it on the dinning table for a perfect candle-light diner or use it for decor in outdoor parties. And of course you can make a bunch of them and hang them together for some cute lighting. 🙂

Till next time!


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