Wire Shelving Upgrade

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When you live in a room the size of a match box, storage really is a big problem. And this quest for storage solutions led me to buying this wire shelving, where I keep my books and other small things. It remained just like that for many, many months and when I was completely bored with the look, I decided to go for a spray paint update.


I originally wanted to go with  gold and that’s the color I bought I thought I bought. But with the first spray, it turned out to be copper. (I was too lazy to read the label and instead trusted the can’s color). I was so not ready to go back to the market just to get another can in this hot weather and I decided to just go with whatever I had.


Even though gold would’ve been lovely, I still like the way copper turned out.

diyinadorm.wordpress.com   diyinadorm.wordpress.com    diyinadorm.wordpress.com

I bought a huge white sheet (the same kind I used for the Table makeover) and cut it into smaller pieces for each shelf. The sheet is sturdy, it’s glossy, it’s perfect.


White and copper totally complemented each-other and I was really happy with it.


The unit is right next to my refrigerator right now and has all the things back in it.



Those Calla Lillies are a DIY I’d be sharing in an upcoming post soon and you can find the striped tray post here.



when Anatomy was finally over Pharmacology happened


And that’s a Nutella jar with correction fluid set on it.


And that’s all for the day, thanks for stopping by!


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