Making Art from Junk

If you have a frame, you can put literally anything in it and put together a statement piece (even dinning mats can steal the show!). However, Pinterest has taught us that, even frames can be considered unnecessary when it comes to displaying art and jazzing up walls, just like this Clipboard Art Display. The point is, there are no limits to how creative you can get with displaying art and of-course, with creating art.


This nifty metal art, believe it or not, is a cooling fan component! Yep, I spray paint everything. And in this post, I’d show you how  I made it.

So, the whole thing started when a frame broke, shattering the glass and leaving behind just this part.


I cleaned the wood with a damp cloth and spray painted it once it dried.


Always use spray paint outdoors or, at least, in a well-ventilated room. Shake the can well and spray a light coat, moving your hand swiftly across the surface. Let the first coat dry and spray a second coat. You can go for a third coat and an initial primer coat, but usually two coats are sufficient for small items, such as this frame.

I spray painted the metal part too (I have no idea what it is called!) and let the paint set.

That circular metal bit is what we need.

Then, I cut a piece out of some black cardboard, placed the metal part on it and marked the two ends.20151229_125243


Next, I made small holes on the points that I marked using a needle and passed copper wire through it. It is best if the color of your wire matches the spray paint, but since only a tiny part of the wire would show, it won’t make too much of a difference.


I secured the metal in place by twisting the wire behind the cardboard and for the last step, placed the cardboard in the frame. And now, it’s a part of this Gallery wall.



I hope you liked the post. Till next time!


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