Thumbtack art

Hello and welcome back! Today, I’m going to share my version of a craft that I came across on Pinterest. It’s super easy to make, requires no tools and looks incredibly lovely. Feast your eyes on some shiny thumb-tack art!


All you need is love

  • Thumb-tacks
  • Canvas

You can replace the canvas with any hard surface that a pin can be inserted into )and of course, they shouldn’t fall right back out). I made mine on the cover of an old book. To hide the print, I glued plain white paper over the cover. Some covers can be hard and pushing the pins in can leave you with a sore thumb, so make sure the you’re comfortable working the material because we’re talking about a whole lot of thumbtacks here.

The idea is pretty straight forward; draw the shape you’ve chosen on the canvas with a pencil and start pinning the pins (is that right pinning the pins?) 20150306_145638 - Copy

Keep filling in rows, otherwise it’s going to look all messed up with the pins climbing over one another.

20150306_151414 - Copy


So after an hour pushing these thumbtacks, I had this sparkly ampersand in my hands 🙂 20150306_155057 - CopyBecause I liked it so much, I also made a smaller version. 20150511_223025a

Make some thumbtack art of your own this weekend and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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