Outfit Ideas: Brown & Green

DIY in a Dorm

Thank you so much you guys, for the huge response on yesterday’s post, Outfit Ideas. It was the first time that I made a post about outfits and your encouragement really made my day.

I’ve put together another outfit today, in the colors fern green and light brown. I built the look around a fern t-shirt. The shirt itself was plain, so to add some glimmer I paired it up with a green and gold necklace. I matched the shoes and the bag to repeat the brown color. Repeating a certain color or pattern gives the outfit a cohesive look. For example, if your earrings are bright yellow but the clothes are missing this color, add another yellow element to you outfit, like a belt or heels.

For the final touch, I added gold bangles and a sleek golden watch. 

Metallics like copper, silver and gold reflect light and add a nice sparkle to your look. So make sure you have them in your outfit. If you’re unsure about metallics, instead of starting with a shiny bag, go for subtle details like studs, bracelets or even a belt, with a nice gleaming buckle can do the trick..

It’s a laid back look, so avoid heavy makeup. Put on a plump lip-gloss and some mascara ,and you’re ready to steal the show!

Enjoy dressing up.

Till next time!



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