DIY Lamp Upgrade

While browsing through random items in a thrift store today, I saw the prettiest little polygons on a lamp base. Without a moment’s delay, I decided to buy it and to my great happiness it costed only 50 rupees. The excitement, however, was short lived. I picked the lamp up and its shade came off, … More DIY Lamp Upgrade

DIY Hanging Banner

It doesn’t always have to be a fancy quote that inspires you. A simple ‘be happy’ can add a lot of positivity to your day and remind you that happiness is the more important than anything else. So, DIY this banner and put it up somewhere you can see it everyday for your daily dose of motivation! … More DIY Hanging Banner

DIY Paper Catchall

It’s the time of the year that makes you wish your refrigerator was big enough to fit you. Spring is officially over and after all that aggressive spring cleaning, keeping things tidy and organised for the rest of the year is very important. They say the best way to organize things is to ‘divide and conquer’. Break your … More DIY Paper Catchall

Gold Gilded Heels

There are two kinds of people in the world- those who can make a capsule wardrobe work, and those who can’t. If you’re anything like me, those wardrobes aren’t for you because things start to get boring too soon. This isn’t just about capsule wardrobes, but everything that you’ve used for a few months loses it’s … More Gold Gilded Heels

Birch Tree Art

Putting up art on walls is the quickest way to add personality and interest to any room. No matter how many beautiful pieces you spread across a place, it would always look incomplete unless the walls have something to go along with the decor. Many of us like going all out with wall decor and put … More Birch Tree Art

DIY Chandelier

Plentiful  lighting is one of the most important components of a good interior, and also the one that gets neglected the most. Instead of leaving it out of your decor plans, use it to flaunt your style and creativity. There are many great DIY options for making your own statement fixture and I totally fell … More DIY Chandelier

Gold Pencil-holder

Turns out I had the exact same set of color-pencils as my six year old cousin and I reeeaally needed to fix that! A friend of mine has these really pretty ones that came with a sleek brass holder. It’s just perfect but the price tag that came along was a big nah-uh. So did I … More Gold Pencil-holder