Outfit Ideas: Midi Skirt

DIY in a Dorm

Back with another OOTD post and what’s better to talk about than a chic midi skirt!
With a silhouette that is flattering on any body shape, midi skirts are a must-have wardrobe item. And the countless ways to style them makes them everybody’s favorite. This versatile skirt can work great with any look: pair it with a crop-top for a fresh spring look or add a floral scarf and DIYed accessories for a whimsical touch.

For this look, pair a silk midi skirt with a white chiffon top. Add matching bangles and heels. To balance the purple, team it up with an off-white clutch.

(By the way, the skirt is a DIY. )

Earn extra points with a winged eyeliner!

Enjoy dressing up all you fashionistas! Till then



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