Creative Ways to Use Rugs

Investing in a plush rug is money put to good use. As opposed to most detailing that can be DIY-ed, it is wise to splurge on this décor staple. Rugs can completely transform the look of a room by binding all the furniture together and defining areas. But there is more to these all-important decor must-haves than just adorning floors. Read on to find four creative ways of incorporating some seriously rich colors and textures to your home using rugs.

Coffee-table décor

Long gone are the times when you could buy a pretty table, put a couple of trinkets on it and call it a day. In the age of Pinterest, it’s all about making your homes reflect your tastes and aesthetic preferences. So naturally, a well designed coffee-table is the style du jour. Use a small rug to add texture to an otherwise plain surface and build details with streamlined accessories. Use a hand-woven piece and earn extra style points.





Plus point; hides away any unsightly coffee stains!

Wall décor

A rug under the sofa? Been there done that! But a rug over the sofa, now that’s what you call adding character to rooms. Sure, you can frame a lovely painting or build a gallery wall, but this unusual placement of a rug on a wall makes a very bold statement. So hunt thrift shops for a unique design (the graphic rug designs don’t count!) and bring some Persian flair to your house.


Décor vignettes

Creating vignettes is the best strategy for those who tend to get bored too quickly. There are no commitments and you can swap the accessories for a fresher look whenever the need arises. While you’re at it, use a cute little rug for added pizzazz. Can’t figure out how? The rule is, if a tray goes, so would a small rug.


One for your feet

I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t rugs already meant for feet? But this is about more than just avoiding hard floors. Give your feet a luxe treatment by putting a faux fur rug next to your bed. The first thing your pretty soles deserve to feel every time you wake up is a soothing welcome, not the regular rough carpet bristles. Also, a rich fabric like fur instantly adds warmth and coziness, turning your bedroom into a luxurious retreat.


Are there any décor tips you swear by? Sound up in the comments below.

Have a beautiful weekend!



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