Inspiration Board DIY

Inspiration boards are a must in every study or work space.

They are a great way to organize reminders and important stuff in a visually appealing way.But what I love the most is that they serve as a decor that you can keep altering, giving your desk a new look each time. Drew something good? Or perhaps liked a print somewhere? Just pin it up and spruce up your space.

I made mine with a plywood drawing board. You can go with basically anything that you can easily insert a thumb-tack into. The drawing board was a good option for me because the size was perfect for my table and it was also very cheap (I bought mine for Rs 180 from a crafts store). This has popped up before as well, but here’s another look.

  • Drawing board
  • Fabric
  • Thumb-tacks
  • Glue

20150615_130247a 20150615_130438a

 This drawing board measures around 1.5 by 2.5 feet.  I cut a slightly larger piece of fabric and secured all corners on the board using a few thumb-tacks. Then I folded the edges and glued them on the back. Once the glue was set, I removed the thumb-tacks and rearranged them to give it a nice border and that’s basically it, the board was ready.

Here’s a look with one side ready.

diyinadorm.wordpress.comThis is another board that I made for the dorm.

This one is a drawing board too and all I did was cover it with a wallpaper sample that I got for free at a store.

With a little brainstorming, you can come up with unique ways of designing your board. Here’s another one that I made for my brother. I painted the base white and for the border, wrote lyrics to a song with permanent marker. The sketch is something he made a while ago and I thought it’s perfect for the board. I glued it on and hung the whole thing over his study table.

I hope you liked the ideas, thanks for stopping by!



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