Birch Tree Art

Putting up art on walls is the quickest way to add personality and interest to any room. No matter how many beautiful pieces you spread across a place, it would always look incomplete unless the walls have something to go along with the decor. Many of us like going all out with wall decor and put up full length gallery walls, but for many, a minimalist look is the ideal one. This birch tree art can be incorporated in both styles; hang it on a stark white wall and get the perfect minimalist look with its black and white palette and clean lines, or add it to a collection of dissimilar pieces and create an eclectic gallery wall.

Buying art, especially if you want a piece big enough to create a focal point, can be very expensive. While not everyone has the perfect command over a paintbrush, this project can be easily pulled off even by a DIY novice. So, let’s start!

Supplies needed:
  • White cardboard
  • Masking tape
  • Black acrylic paint
  • A smaller and stiffer piece of cardboard (or something like a credit card)20151229_130710

Draw pairs of parallel lines going in different directions on the white cardboard.
Each pair represents one tree.Vary the distance and draw overlapping lines. This would add depth to the painting and make it look like actual trees growing randomly, instead of straight lines drawn in a row.

NEVER take pictures in harsh light. I swear those are pencil lines!
Had to redraw them for the picture.

Now, take the paint in a small tray and add water to it. The consistency depends on you, go for what you can work comfortably with.

For this one, the paint turned out a little too thick and made the whole thing blurred and smudgy. WASTED.

Now, take the smaller cardboard or credit card, hold one of the longer sides and dip the other in the paint.

Start with a tree in a corner and place the card on one of the parallel lines.

Press gently and swiftly pull the card towards the center.

Place the card along a line and pull it away.

Paint will get pulled along the card and leave these beautiful, clean prints.

Repeat for all the lines. Remember that for each set of lines, the card has to be pulled towards the center.

This technique gives you strokes of unequal width and the smudging at the end, gives the whole thing a realist texture.


If you want to paint the background, before starting with the trees, tape the trunks with masking tape. That is, put tape between those parallel lines. Then paint the entire background. Once the paint is set, peel off the tape and proceed just like before, painting the trunks with black strokes.


For a fun look, use bright colors instead of black and match it with your room’s accent color. Better yet, add a vibrant splash over a neutral decor palette! You can add gold-leaf details or details with Indian ink, but these strokes alone are more than enough to stop the show!

I hope you have fun trying this project. Till next time!


5 thoughts on “Birch Tree Art

  1. Way Cool ! 😉 Good idea, I miss Minnesota !
    When I was a Kid, used to make little ‘birch bark’ canoes & pik frames from the twigs! Mom told me to build a wigwam & get those bug infested things out of the house !

    Liked by 1 person

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