Glass Coasters

I’m obsessed with agate these days and also in dire need of a pretty coaster. Finding these glass tiles helped me put the two together; agate coasters! I wanted to try making coasters with ceramic tiles but this DIY seemed a lot easier, so maybe another post for that one. Let’s get started!


Supplies needed:
  • Glass tile
  • Print of your choice
  • Gold marker (nail paint would be fine too)
  • Glue

Start by cutting the print down to the size of your glass tile. Paste it with the printed side facing the glass.

Paint the edges of the tile lightly and follow it with a second coat.


And now enjoy your coffee without staining your table!20151209_135212


The shape is an awkward rectangle, square tiles would’ve been perfect but I’m still happy with the results .

Here’s another one I made for adding detail to my vanity.


Free hand a design and paste it under the glass the same way.


Hope you liked the idea, thanks for stopping by!





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