Key Hanger + Jar Vase


I lost my keys for the zillionth time today, and that too, when I was already getting late for a class. After rummaging through my stuff for quite some time and finding them under my blanket (and I still have no idea how did they get there), I made it to the college just in time for the TA to lock me out of the class. Sounds like a great day, doesn’t it?

Mornings are a lot easier when you have one of those entryway tables with a shiny vintage mirror, decorated china trays to hold your keys, and a spot to keep your bag. Grab everything on the way and not a second is wasted. But what happens if you don’t have an entryway or a table or a shiny vintage mirror? Well, for starters, you miss classes. OR you do something about it, like I did.

So grab some scrap wood and craft this simple yet functional key and bag hanger!

Glue a piece of fabric on the wood and add screws to the lower part to hang keys. I used golden screws and also added a golden bracket to hang my bag.

Drill a hole in the upper part and pass a ribbon through it. Tie it around a mason jar and secure it in place. Pass the ribbon back through the hole and tie it around a nail so that it is held in place.


I used a Gold-dipped Jar to match the ribbon and screws.

Add a small hook on the top to hang the whole thing and you’re done.





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