Keepsake Photo Album

My little sister made this beautiful photo album for me and it’s just so lovely, I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys!

It’s made entirely out of stuff found around the house. Isn’t that map just awesome? It’s another tea stained paper project (which reminds me I had to do a post on that but forgot, promise, it’s coming soon).

That little camera hanging in the middle is just the most adorable thing I’ve

It’s not apparent in the pictures, but the map is from One Piece (yep, that awesome, awesome manga!)

After preparing the tea stained map, cut out a file cover or any other sturdy paper, into the required size and glue the prepared design on it.

That red ribbon is actually a tissue paper, folded several times to add strength and then stained with red paint. The same material was used to frame the camera on the front.

For the leaflets, cut out a piece of  paper, with width and length slightly smaller than the main cover. Now fold that from the middle and glue it to the inside of the cover’s spine. Add multiple pages just like that.

I loved the addition of the golden brackets at the corners, they add a nice spark to the whole look.

Make sure the glue sets properly, otherwise the brackets would come off when you push in pictures (and stating the obvious, only the little corners have been glued, not the entire thing)

Isn’t that just lovely? I’m so happy she made it.

Personalize your album and let it tell you about the memories it holds inside, before you even open it. Make the cover with a picture from a vacation and put the rest of the pictures inside. Or maybe a nice patterned fabric or a scarp book paper if the pictures are random. I’m sure your friends would love to get this amazing thing as a gift just as much as I did.



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