Ribbon Flowers

Pinterest has become my online best friend and yesterday, I found this awesome project – some pretty ribbon flowers that can be put literally anywhere; frame them, upgrade a boring old top or put them on your pillow covers, the possibilities are endless!


I decided to turn a shoe box into a pretty storage box and here is how it goes.

You are going to need:
  • Ribbon
  • Cloth
  • Box
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


Now you can do this either of these two ways. Option one: make the flowers on the cloth and then glue it to the box, which is the easier way if you have an embroidery frame. Option two: stick the cloth to the box first and then make the flowers. I didn’t have an embroidery frame so I went with the second option. For that cut the cloth and hot glue it to the box covering all the sides. Don’t worry about any imperfections on the underside, you can just cover it up with a piece of paper later.

Now for the fun part! Draw the figure shown below on the cloth with a pencil


Make sure the cloth is properly glued to the box before you proceed any further. Using a pointy object (I used a compass from my geometry set) put holes where the red dots are shown. This will make it easier to pass the needle through the cloth plus the underlying box


Put the ribbon in the needle and starting from the inner side take the needle out and pass it through another hole back inside. You’d get something like this


Now repeat this over all the lines.


The rest is very simple. Start weaving! Yep you read that right. You have to weave it like a basket, passing the ribbon over one band and then under the next and then over again


Keep filling…


Till you get this.

And for the final touch up, I used a golden marker on the ribbon as well as around it. And now the box looks like this.


Thanks for stopping by!


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