30 Day Challenge: Digital Cleansing


30 Day Challenge. Digital Cleansing. DIY in a Dorm

One night, after getting thoroughly exhausted from counting sheep, it occurred to me that if Romeo and Juliet had cell-phones, they probably wouldn’t have died- one email, and the entire plan would’ve worked out. How great it is to have these gadgets to help us out everyday! But as is true for any other thing, excessive use of these digital devices can be very harmful for our health. A gadget-free routine of rising with the sun and sleeping without the distraction of internet has become impossible for most of us. We are glued to one digital screen or another all the time. And forgetting where we kept our cellphone (even when we weren’t going to use it) has become the ultimate panic. So roll those sleeves up and get ready to take this 30 day challenge of digital cleansing to squeeze out the time to do things you’ve always wanted to do!

30 Day Challenge DIY in a Dorm

Switch to an alarm clock

 Yes, an actual clock and not a phone app. This way you’d get out of bed instead of scrolling through email or replying to text messages (I should also add taking woke-up-like-this selfies).


Reduce the amount of time you spend on social networking websites

 If your studies or job require you to use computers, make sure these websites are NOT logged into in a background tab. If they are there, your fingers would automatically switch to them and it would be quite a while before you actually realize you are not working on that assignment anymore.

social media

Limit the time you browse through Pinterest

As much as we all love Pinterest, it can also be a GREAT waste of time some days. I’m talking about the times when we spend more hours scrolling down the pins then actually making something. (Not many of us are going to build that fire pit in the backyard, but we read it all and pinned it!)

Take up a hobby.

Go outside and plant some roses or grab a new book from the library that you’ve been hearing a lot about lately (not Forty Rules of Love, please no!) Once you incorporate them into your routine, doing things in the real world would make digital devices seem like a waste of time.


Meet friends instead of texting.

Choose your favorite spot, or discover new ones, and meet your friends. Meeting someone once a week is way better than a text every other day.

meet friends

No meals with a computer/ phone around

A snack to refresh yourself while working is a different thing, but making a habit of reaching for your cellphone on every meal is straight up bad. Reach for that salad instead!

Turn off the computer at least 2 hours before going to bed

This is especially very useful for those struggling with a messed up routine. A bright computer screen fools your body to believe the surroundings are still bright so it must be day and this disturbs the sleep cycle.Bed

Enjoy the moment

The best way to truly capture a moment is to remember it, not uploading a picture to Facebook. We get caught up in trying get the perfect picture and forget to enjoy the moment. Next time you spot a beautiful flower, stop and smell it. You’d find plenty of pictures online.

Baltit Fort Hunza | Travel

Go out

If you know that staying home with all the distractions around makes it difficult to go on with the digital cleansing, go out- take a walk around the city.

No cell phones in bed

Just like computers, make sure the phone also stays away from your bed. Keep it in the furthest corner of the room so that you cant reach for it.

Incorporate these small lifestyle changes into your routine over 30 days and work on everything little by little. Start your day with the determination of living up to the day’s challenge and in 3 or 4 days when you have made it a habit, move to the next one. By the end of the month you’d feel a lot happier and actually healthier.

Enjoy the challenge, till next time!



14 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Digital Cleansing

  1. Ahaa, its nice discussion about this post at this place at this blog,
    I have read all that, so now me also commenting at this place.


  2. Digital cleansing is something that need to do here myself nigh daily considering how much information, pictures, documents et al. ends up being saved. Also with writing. My desktop ends up mirroring my real desktop, which looks like a tornado just came by B] Great post!


  3. “Enjoy the moment”: how true it is! It’s better to write down the feeling of a moment on a diary at the end of the day than to take photos of every single detail you ran on. Let’s take things for our own. An excess of sharing is futile and chokes the internet with meaningless stuff.


  4. I do all these and more. My intention is to live LIFE without being plugged in, yet there are times in my Life that I am not able to go far from my home and so I do turn to communication via blogging. The only sources I use for social media is WP, email for family and close friends only, and FB occasionally again for family and close friends only. Technology can be and truly is addicting, I must admit, yet when we immerse ourselves in that addiction, Life itself goes by and we are not even aware of it. I hope more people start unplugging. Great post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I hike in a forest that is enchanting for hours and hours. I hang with my cats, and as I do, I learn how better to communicate with them. I read. I listen to music. I go to a Yoga class. I talk with as many people that I can who cross my path. I have telephone conversations with both my mother and sister who live out of state. I sing. I dance. I strive to achieve every day a “flow” so that events unfold easily and naturally. I have created a huge number of gardens and keeping those maintained and Loved is very time consuming. I go to the lakefront to watch the sunset. I am the care giver of certain animals outside who trust me. I write. I go into Silence. And when I do blog, lately it has been very sporatic. When I open comments so many people love to interact with me and I really have had to create some boundaries as to how many posts to keep comments open. I LOVE my photography …. Oh yes how could I have forgotten? I Love to take pictueres and when behind my camera, “reality” disappears.
        There …. That is some, not all, that I do outside of technology. I’ve also been observing more and more people who do go to the park I hike in, that they are not on their cellphone. Oh for the JOY!!!! ❤


      2. That is such an impressive routine you have created there! I bet you never get bored with all those wonderful things to do. And that’s how life should be lived, enjoying every moment. I hope I can incorporate these healthy habits to my lifestyle too. Thanks for sharing! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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