DIY Paper Catchall

It’s the time of the year that makes you wish your refrigerator was big enough to fit you. Spring is officially over and after all that aggressive spring cleaning, keeping things tidy and organised for the rest of the year is very important. They say the best way to organize things is to ‘divide and conquer’. Break your space into smaller units and tackle them one at a time. Add trays, china dishes, storage bins and baskets to make sure everything you have has a home, and the stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere is probably something you don’t need anymore, time to toss it out! This paper catchall is a simple DIY to help you with the organizing process. Classically, it’s leather catchalls that have been a trend, but the problem is the tools involved. Paper makes a good alternative because you can choose from an infinite range of colors and patterns, and simple drop of glue can be used to stick the ends together. It’s not long lasting like leather, but isn’t that better? Make a different one every time you’re bored of what you have.


Here’s how I made mine.

Material needed:


  • Paper (I used wallpaper)
  • Paper knife
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Colored markers for designing

Make sure you use paper that’s sturdy and lasts awhile. I used some leftover wallpaper. You can ask for wallpaper samples and get a few freebies.

Cut the paper down to the size you want. I made a 5 inch square and another 5 by 3.5 inch rectangle.


Fold the corner as shown.


Staple the corners or add a small amount of glue on the inside and pinch the paper to make it hold.20160501_143020

Repeat for all sides.


Use a sharpie for personalizing.20160501_144111

Use plain paper or patterned. I used different sides of the same paper so that the colors match and there’s coherence.


If quadrangles are not for you, then try triangles or get extra creative and try to master a hexagon. Theses catchalls can be personalized in so many different, so get those creative juices flowing in your brain and make your own unique version of a paper catchall.


Use these pretty little things to keep office supplies in reach or coral your favorite pieces of jewelry together and display them on your vanity. 

Happy organizing!