30 Day Challenge: Declutter Your Space

Drawers filled with things you don’t remember buying, storage boxes crammed under your bed and a whole Narnia stuffed at the back of your wardrobe. Sound familiar? If yes then you’re not alone (even Monica had a closet she wasn’t so proud of!). We all hate clutter but somehow find ourselves drowning in it.

30 Day Challenge Declutter Your Space.

 Your books shelves  can do waaay better than storing old grade school curriculum. So take this month’s 30 Day Challenge and with a little elbow grease, reclaim valuable space in your homes from this clutter monster!

Get The Boxes Ready

First thing you need to do is get three boxes and label them ‘keep’, ‘donate’ and ‘toss’.A turtleneck you haven’t worn for two years; donate. Old magazines; trash. Pretty photo frame; keep.

Divide And Conquer

I doubt whoever came up with this strategy would’ve ever thought of it being used for home cleaning!

Choose a single room and don’t start another until you are done in the first one. Enter the room and simply look around, and note what annoys you the most. Now, divide that room into smaller parts still and start with one (think under the bed, closet, dresser, armoire and side tables in a bedroom).

The 3 Questions

Pick up an object and ask yourself:

  • When was the last time I used it?
  • Would I buy the same thing again?
  • Am I honestly going to use it again anytime soon?

This will help you decide whether you truly need that thing or are holding on to it for no reason.

Go Easy

Set one day aside for each room and don’t overwork yourself. Speeding up might drain your energy faster leaving the task unsatisfactorily done. So, take your time and thoroughly get rid of the junk.

Don’t Hold On

When you decide what you are going to do with a certain object, stick to your decision. Once you trash it, just move on. If you keep thinking about new uses for the stuff, you’d find yourself reaching in that box over and over again and you do knowthat it’s only going to pile up again.

The List

And finally, to help you I’ve made a list of the stuff I could think of that we don’t need but still end up storing. Trash or donate everything in this list.

  1. Old magazines/newspapers
  2. Old notebooks
  3. Books you’d never read again
  4. Old paid bills
  5. Old planners
  6. Expired coupons
  7. Wedding/birthday invites (Yes, they are pretty. Now toss ‘em!)
  8. Old calendars
  9. Ticket stubs
  10. Damaged organizers/file covers
  11. Sticky notes
  12. Business cards
  13. Vases you don’t ever use
  14. Broken decoration accessories
  15. Mismatched socks
  16. Shoes you haven’t worn in a year
  17. Clothes you haven’t worn last season
  18. Old bed linens
  19. Frayed towels
  20. Old bathmats
  21. Hangers from the drycleaner (you have gathered enough, come on!)
  22. Cushions with stains that won’t go
  23. Broken umbrellas
  24. Leftover crafts supplies
  25. Expired cosmetics
  26. Dried nailpolish
  27. Makeup brushes with bristles you don’t like
  28. Hair accessories you don’t use
  29. Broken/mismatched jewelry
  30. Cotton balls that are too old
  31. Old bags/wallets
  32. Frayed belts
  33. Expired spices
  34. Expired foodstuff
  35. Rusty cookware
  36. Shopping bags
  37. Disposable cups
  38. Plastic cutlery
  39. Batteries
  40. Broken/ outdated electronics
  41. Useless electrical components (think plugs and pieces of wire)
  42. Broken cellphone chargers and earphones
  43. Old manuals
  44. Scratched CD’s
  45. Old movies
  46. Broken flash drives
  47. Computer cables
  48. Old mail
  49. Fused bulbs
  50. Rusty tools
  51. Expired toiletries
  52. Sample size toiletries
  53. Expired medicines
  54. Medicines with missing labels
  55. Gifts you never really liked
  56. Old prescription glasses
  57. Broken sunglasses
  58. Damaged candles
  59. Leftover party decor
  60. Empty boxes
  61. Pens that don’t write
  62. Scraps of paper
  63. Old toys
  64. Video games you’ll never play again (so long, my friend!)
  65. Advertisement brochures

30 Day Challenge Declutter Your Space

If you want more for your organizing arsenal, check out these projects: Burlap Covered Boxes, Chevron Organizing Trays and this cute Paper Basket.

Good luck!





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