30 Day Challenge: Declutter Your Space

Drawers filled with things you don’t remember buying, storage boxes crammed under your bed and a whole Narnia stuffed at the back of your closet. Sound familiar?
Take this month’s 30 Day Challenge and with a little elbow grease, reclaim valuable space in your homes from this clutter monster! … More 30 Day Challenge: Declutter Your Space

Tiered Jewelry Display

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a jewelry rut, then buying more pieces thinking you have nothing wearable and ending up feeling the same a few days later? It’s strange, almost treacherous, how a single necklace is impossible to find when needed, but when it’s about consuming our precious square-footage, the storage boxes never … More Tiered Jewelry Display

Framed Mirror Tray

Maybe it’s your first apartment and you are stoked about it. No matter how small it is, you love it because it is yours. And with planners drowning in ideas, there’s no way you’re going to let that tiny budget stop you from turning your shoe-box sized bedroom into a dreamy abode. Or maybe it’s your … More Framed Mirror Tray

DIY Paper Catchall

It’s the time of the year that makes you wish your refrigerator was big enough to fit you. Spring is officially over and after all that aggressive spring cleaning, keeping things tidy and organised for the rest of the year is very important. They say the best way to organize things is to ‘divide and conquer’. Break your … More DIY Paper Catchall

Paper Basket

If you love organizing like I do, I’m sure you’re always busy looking for new and creative ways to keep your stuff in order. I’m always short on space and I guess that’s the story with all dorms. So until I get a nice apartment, I’m gonna have to make use of Pinterest’s magic to find … More Paper Basket

DVD Case

Have a bunch of DVDs lying around? Time to turn that mess into some art with this incredibly simple DIY, that takes less than fifteen minutes. I love this project because not only it’s a great way of organizing the chaos your collection can turn into, but at the same time it’s a lovely piece of artwork. … More DVD Case