Silk Covered Notebook

Silk Covered Notebook

Shazia, my best friend and my roommate, gifted me a beautiful silk scarf. It had the softest touch and a chic leopard pattern printed on it. I liked it so much that I started wearing it all the time – all the time, you guys; even on the coldest winter days when I refused to move even an inch away from the room heater. On one such day, I smelled something burning – something that I had firmly decided  never to lose.

After a couple minutes of screaming, I was left with the remains of a once beautiful scarf. There was no way I would’ve thrown it out and after a little brainstorming, this DIY came together. If you had a similar accident, read on and find out how to make a statement silk covered notebook in only a few minutes.

This a simple notebook measuring 18 cm by 12 cm.

Silk Covered Notebook

I used a sturdy page from a sketch book to cut out the shape shown below. I folded the shape along these dashed lines to make it fit snugly around the notepad.

Silk Covered Notebook

I placed the cutout on the scarf and cut that too, leaving a margin of almost an inch all around. I fold this extra length and glued the silk to the paper cutout.Silk Covered Notebook

To hide the mess, I cut a simple rectangle and pasted it on the inside. This inner rectangle is a centimeter smaller than the outer one, so you can see a narrow strip of the leopard print inside too.

Silk Covered Notebook

I folded the extra part on the top right side and hot-glued it in place.

Silk Covered Notebook

Ta da!Silk Covered Notebook

One thing is for sure now, this thing is never getting close to fire again!

Silk Covered Notebook

Don’t forget to Pin it. 😀

Silk Covered Notebook

And for more ideas, check out this Striped Notebook DIY.

Till next time!




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